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How to Welcome Guests into Your Home

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Five Important Things to Remember When Welcoming Guests into Your Home

Having company over doesn’t have to be stressful! Knowing how to welcome guests into your home is easy if you remember these five important things.

Summer is coming and this means it’s time to mingle! From BBQs to dinner parties, to last-minute family visits, ‘tis the season for welcoming guests into your home! 

1) Verbally and physically welcome guests in.

Acknowledge each guest with a warm smile and by name. Shake hands, or give a hug! (We assume you’re happy they’ve arrived!) Remember to include a welcome to any children as well!

2) Create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Offer to take coats and show your guests where to gather/sit. If the house isn’t in tip-top shape, don’t apologize for it! Typically this will only draw more attention to a mess. 

(–> Need some inspiration to spruce up your living room? Check out this great post from Houzz!)

3) Welcome your guests with a beverage.

Even if the gathering is informal or impromptu, offering something to drink such as water, coffee, tea, or a cocktail (try one of these summer recipes!) creates an immediate feeling of hospitality and is an important step in how to welcome guests into your home.  

Example of drink to welcome guests into your home with.

4) Enjoy having company in your home.

After your guests are comfortable (and hydrated)- spend time with them! It is so easy to get caught up in ensuring everyone is taken care of that often, hosts feel they didn’t even see their own guests! 

5) Don’t OVER host!

Sometimes in an anxiety-ridden effort to be the perfect host, we overcompensate. I promise, your houseguests will ask if they need to use the restroom. Houseguests also don’t need a full tour of your tool shed and crawl space- they aren’t buying your house. If the gathering is last-minute, don’t feel obligated to go into Chef Ramsay mode and whip up a three-course meal. Sure, offering a light bite will earn you a gold star in impromptu hosting, but only if it doesn’t take you away from your guests for too long. 

The Takeaway

Overall, remember this: hosting guests is about enjoying the company! By setting a relaxed and welcoming environment the social vibes should get flowing on their own. It may feel tricky and a little stressful at first, but after a few gatherings, you’ll be confident in how to welcome guests into your home.

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